Wade Lack


Cert III in Fitness

Cert IV in Fitness

Diploma in Frontline Management

Certificate 2 in Retail Operations

CrossFit level 1

CrossFit Kids Certified

Introduction to Kettle Bell training

Senior first aid & CPR


I have not always been an active person. Most of my teenage years i was overweight and un-motivated. Early into my adult years I developed a love for health and fitness. In 2008 I played football for the Salisbury North football club in the Div 1 South Australian Amateur Football League. Another passion of mine is to compete in Triathlons in the summer local season. In the 2008/2009 season my hard work payed off, winning my age group in the Tinman division consisting of a 300m swim, 13 km cycle, 3km run. In 2011 I ran the Adelaide marathon on nothing other than Crossfit training with friend and training partner Sam Cryer.

In 2009 I had a career change and decided I wanted to share my passion for health and fitness completing my Cert III and Cert IV in fitness. In 2009 I started   training crossfit and completed my Crossfit level 1 Cert in 2010. During this 2 year experience with Crossfit I have had many highlights and personal achievements.

CrossFit Achivements 

2014 Fit Wars 7 Team 1st place

2013 Crossfit Games Australian regional 30th

2012 Crossfit Games Australian regional 32th

2010 Crossfit Adelaide games day 4th place

2011 Crossfit games Australian Open Finished 82nd 

2011 CrossFit Adelaide Australian Regionals Team

2011 Fight Gone Bad fundraiser 1st place


My goals now are to develop a strong affiliate that delivers quality Crossfit training allowing people to become part of a community environment while learning more about the program and themselves. One of my goals in future is to qualify a team through to the CrossFit Australian Regionals.


Favourite exercises: muscle ups/ deadlift/ burpees

Hated exercises: Thrusters/ pistols/ O/H walk lunge

Favourite WOD’s: Cindy/Nancy/Nate

Hated WOD’s: Fran/ any WOD with pistols of O/H walk lunge