Sam Cryer


CrossFit trainer level 1 coach

Australian strength and conditioning level 1 coach

Australian weightlifting federation level 2 coach

Certificate 3 and 4 fitness

Senior first aid certificate


Coming from a diverse sporting background involving basketball, football, track and field and dragon boating,  I have been active my whole life. Some of my achievements are:

2006-2010 6 time state champion dragon boats


Dual 400m track and field state champion

Bronze 4x100m National all schools track and field championships

After suffering a major knee injury and finding myself 15kg overweight, I found Crossfit in 2009. After completing my first workout I said never again, these guys are crazy. But slowly 1 wod a week turned into 2 which turn into 3 and the rest is history. Crossfit change the way I looked at fitness and health. Since finding CrossFit I have gone on to run a marathon using only CrossFit methods and have had some great highlights within the CrossFit community.

CrossFit Achievements

2014 Fit Wars 7 Team 1st place

2012 Crossfit Games Australian regional 28th

2011 Crossfit Games Australian regional 22nd

2011 Crossfit loaded games 1st

2011 crossfit Adelaide Fight Gone Bad 1st

2011 Fitwars 2 2nd place

2011 Fitwars 2nd

2010 Crossfit Adelaide games 2nd


My goals for the near future are to grow a strong CrossFit affiliate to service the Northern Suburbs and build a community within CrossFit Northern Adelaide.

Favourite exercises: Power Clean, Pistols, Push Press

Hated exercises: Muscle-ups, OHS

Favourite WOD’s: Fran, Grace, Fight Gone Bad

Hated WOD’s: Nate, Cindy, Bull, 30 muscle ups for time