Sam Cryer

After suffering a major knee injury and finding myself 15kg overweight I found Crossfit in 2009. After completing my first workout I said never again these guys are crazy, but slowly 1 wod a week turned into 2 which turn into 3 and the rest is history. Crossfit change the way I looked at fitness and health. Since finding CrossFit I have go on to run a marathon using only CrossFit methods and have had some great highlights within the CrossFit community.

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wadepicWade Lack

In 2009 I had a career change and decided I wanted to share my passion for health and fitness completing my cert III and cert IV in fitness. In 2009 I started   training crossfit and completed my Crossfit level 1 cert in 2010. During this 2 year experience with Crossfit I have had many highlights and personal achievements.

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Ben Cryer

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Michael Griffiths

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