About Us

CrossFit Northern Adelaide was established in early 2012. We were the first affiliate to bring the CrossFit fitness method to the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

Our philosophy stands to build a strong training community where hard work, passion and never give up attitude are paramount. We believe by using the CrossFit method we can scale the workouts no matter what your current level of conditioning is, but we don’t change programming.  The functional movements which are constantly varied and executed at high intensity will deliver results wether you are a word-class athlete, military or someone beginning their fitness journey.

Here at CrossFit Northern Adelaide we believe in building a strong fit community. To do this we encourage and promote training with friends and family to set the example for future generations to follow. Part of our culture at CrossFit Nothern Adelaide is to be involved and create lifelong friendship amongst our CrossFit family.

At CrossFit Northern Adelaide we differ from your conventional gym environment. By training at CrossFit Northern Adelaide you will be supported through your training experience with our specialised coaches. We provide motivation, support, nutritional advice, and ongoing coaching to help you succeed in whatever your goals are. We believe in teaching and learning together, not telling you what to do. By empowering you with knowledge, resources and skills,??we will help you take control of your life, and this is why we hold the education and development of all our clients the highest priority.

To sum it up, CrossFit Northern Adelaide will train you for life’s unknown challenges and help you to live the best life possible, allowing you to enjoy  your health and family.